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As a 20 year Veteran of the United States Navy I will always advocate for the men and women who have served our country and sacrificed so much. They were there for our country when we needed them the most but sadly more than 62,000 veterans are homeless and the unemployment rate amongst veterans is 10%. In 2010, 22 veterans committed suicide each day. The backlog of veteran claims has reached record highs of over 900,000 with more than 25% of those having to wait more than a year for a decision on their claim. Part of the problem is with an archaic paper system when virtually all healthcare systems have switched to an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. Routinely veterans applying for a claim are delayed due to lost records. An EHR system would virtually eliminate this problem and go a long way to reducing the record backlog of veteran claims. I would champion the effort to ensure an EHR system is developed and implemented just as we have done at two major healthcare centers where I am on Medical Staff. Additionally I have a proposal to expedite the claims rating process that wouldn’t add a single extra hire to the VA. I will continue to support programs aimed at getting our veterans back into the work force and want to educational programs are available to our veterans to help them pursue a career outside of the military and for many, using the training they received while in the military.