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Immigration Reform

Virtually everyone can agree that our immigration system is broken and the time is now for comprehensive reform. While some argue it will cost this country trillions of dollars, The Congressional Budget Office, a nonpartisan organization, confirmed comprehensive immigration reform holds the potential for economic growth and job creation that will benefit all Americans. I support a pathway to earned citizenship for the more than 11 million undocumented immigrants living in America. In today’s immigration system people waiting to obtain an immigrant visa face unreasonably long backlogs – in some instances more than two decades. We need to stay vigilant about passing comprehensive immigration reform. The current proposal being debated in the Senate takes positive steps towards addressing some of the most critical and urgent problems while completely ignoring others. Clearing the backlog of family based petitions is welcomed by families who have been waiting for decades. The proposed program to offer temporary status to those able to comply with a set of strict requirements and pay significant application fees would provide relief for many people. But the path to becoming a Legal Permanent Resident, a precondition for someone undocumented to apply for U.S. citizenship is long and complicated. Everyone should be aware that any reform legislation passed will likely pose a new set of challenges that require continued advocacy. I will always be a huge advocate for immigration reform and will continue to fight until we have real comprehensive immigration reform.